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The community of Ukrainian New Zealanders. Meet-ups, events of the community in Auckland. Our Mission

OUR mission

Ukrainian Association of New Zealand (Northern Regions) Incorporated

Our Mission (Purposes of the Society)

1.  Uphold Ukrainian Identity and awareness in New Zealand.
2. Promote the good Ukrainian name within New Zealand on all occasions and by all legal means protect it from misuse and slander.
3. Extend, foster and cultivate the Ukrainian culture within New Zealand.
4. Promote and foster friendship, co-operation and goodwill between all people of Ukrainian descent, their families and the people of New Zealand.
5. Act as a “united front” for the Ukrainian Community in New Zealand by speaking for and representing Ukrainian community when necessary.
6. Provide a focal point for the meeting place for the Ukrainian community of Northern Regions of New Zealand.
7. Act only in the good interest of Ukrainianhood.
8. Initiate, organise and promote social functions, entertainment, intellectual, sporting, educational and cultural activities for the benefit of the Society and its members.
9. Establish, maintain and promote Ukrainian Studies in New Zealand in the framework of scholarly research on various aspects of Ukraine-related fields of study, New Zealand-Ukraine political, economical, scientific interactions as well as facts of public diplomacy between New Zealand and Ukraine.
10. Organise the teaching and upholding of the Ukrainian language, Ukrainian history, literature, drama, folklore, customs, music and culture among Ukrainian New Zealanders.
11. Promote Ukrainianhood and install pride in the Ukrainian name and what it stands for.
12. Help the old, poor and needy members of Ukrainian community in New Zealand.
13. Hold regular gatherings at which matters of interest to the Society, its members and members of Ukrainian community will be discussed.
14. Assist new-coming Ukrainian immigrants into New Zealand by providing them with community and social support.
15. Lobby and inform local and regional Governments on Ukrainian matters when necessary.
16. Endeavour to correct any Ukraine and New Zealand Ukrainian community related misinterpretations and falsifications published or broadcasted in New Zealand media.
17. Raise funds and accept the same by means of subscriptions, donations, bequests, levies, loans, debentures and other fundraising activities the Society or its members may arrange, for the benefit of the Ukrainian community and of the furthering of Ukrainian identity and awareness.
18. Purchase, take on lease, sub-lease, rent, hire or otherwise acquire and land and/or building(s) and to erect building(s) for the purpose of the Society and to sell, lease, sub-lease, rent, hire or otherwise dispose of upon any terms the whole of or a part of any such property and generally manage the same.
19. Cooperate with other Ukrainian organisations in New Zealand and around the world in achievement of the above purposes or any of them.
20. Do anything necessary or helpful to the attainment of these purposes or any of them provided always that in carrying out its purposes the Society will not be responsible to any body or any organisation but to itself and its members. It shall not be controlled be any other organisation or group of individuals but shall act at its own discretion, subject to the purposes and the interests of the Society.
21. Pecuniary gain is not a purpose of the Society.